Christ Energy Science

Every thing is energy. Every thought is energy. Every creation is energy. Let’s put it the other way around to drive home my point here. Energy is every thing. Energy is every thought. Energy is every creation. Truly energy is before unmanifested potential. That’s pretty deep down the rabbit hole.

Let’s take a deep breath and take one step at a time. In the physical, i.e. in the current 3D/4D density frequency we share with each other, we create our thoughts from energy and manifest energy. Well, manifesting really means transforming energy out of All There Is into a definite identifiable structure that we can refer to and use to trigger an experience. Wouldn’t it be great to trigger experiences that are of pleasure and beauty to us all?

Since we are well on our Path of Ascension, we know that the outer world represents our state within. As above so below, as within so without. To change the world around us, we have to change the inside of us. To get there, we have to use our capacity to transmute lower frequency energies that we have co-created throughout our incarnations. We need to return them to Source, our Father/Mother God, as part of our Path of Ascension. To return them, we need to setting them free. To setting them free, we need to acknowledge their existence. To acknowledge their existence, we need to love them. It is pretty challenging to love an aspect about oneself that one is rather keeping a lid on, put in a locker in a house underground with a sign saying “Trespassers will be shot on sight”. But these energies need to be returned and will be as we are boldly stepping on our Path of Ascension. Christ energy is one of the energies that can help here. Christ energy is an incredible catalyst of transmuting energies and I would like to explore this capacity in more depth here.

We have within us the capacity to apply Christ energy to our energy work consciously. It was our beloved brother Jeshua who opened the Christ energy portal to give us access to this wondrous gift of our Father/Mother God. As we strive to develop our unity consciousness as a society within the 5D frequency band, what changes within us will trigger experiences that are of pleasure and beauty to us all? On this website I wish to explore possible answers to this question. Why science? Because I am a scientist at heart and shall deploy Grounded Theory as a methodology to helping develop answers. What’s in it for you? I intend for a fun-loving read and an opportunity to make your ride easier.

Shine your light,