Energy Implants

My perspective derives its direction from where I feel my Higher Self is rooted. This is a very high density that roots higher than 6th frequency density. I literally perceive myself as being just below the density of androgyny, which means the density where there is no separation of male and female energies. So I perceive myself to being rooted one density below this along the frequency band, perceiving myself as a self-aware point of consciousness stemming forth from the androgynous field of energy who splits up into Sophia and me. The way of experiencing self in this density is so very vastly different to our 3D realm here that a 3D mind lacks tools and adequate space to perceive it appropriately. At best I would describe myself as a dreamer of dreams and one can see how much room for interpretation remains with this. There is a light, a certain stream of light that is carried forth through my self down along all the frequency densities following onward. This light is not “mine”, I do not create it but offer my entity as a vessel to fractionate it thereby birthing it forth upon the frequency densities I express fragments of my self. I feel there are many operating in a similar fashion and birthing for different light frequencies in a similar fashion. So from my perspective I am very much aware of being a vessel who is self-aware as part of the One Life Lived, as part of the expression of Creator. To me there is no good or bad as everything is Creator in expression. One can identify a tendency towards servicing functions such as to self or to others but these servicing functions do only exist to allow for the diversity of expressions that Creator seeks to explore Itself in all Its entirety. Service to Self (STS) and Service to Others (STO) are directional functions that propel points of awareness along their process within 3D and 4D frequency band. This may be the case with 5D as well but here it already goes into a level that cannot be described as crystal clear. To me, it depends on where you are coming from. Terra for example resides in 4D/5D meaning higher 4D lower 5D where there are still STS and STO functions present. However, STS energies will not make it to Terra but to a different set of reality. This means to a different version of Terra that allows STS to experience a counterpart balancing the STO function that is within the time line and exit path I am set for. As I said, it really is not crystal clear from a 3D/4D perspective anymore.

So what are implants? They are energy devices. A device fulfills a certain function and energy implants mostly shape the flow of energy. One may wonder why to use devices when there is the energy body already in place that we use to shape our experiences? Well, to me STO take fulfillment out of seeing their energy put to work by others and when coming together to create something the whole becomes more than the sum of its parts. STO are aware that their energy does not originate from them but act as a vessel to Source, the infinite source of energy. I guess one could describe STO in much more detail but this is what is important for me here to point out. STS take fulfillment out of consuming energy of others. I feel STS are aware that the energy does not originate from them but they use their vessels to take in as much energy as they can that is emitted from somewhere else and take pleasure out of doing so. An image for a moment in Now expression is an apple tree being STO and those eating the tree’s fruits, the apples are STS. Of course this is a very shortened image and there is much more to it but it serves for pointing out that STO and STS are tightly coupled in their expressions. STS pushes STO to find new and creative ways to bring forth energy, i.e. to express, which goes hand in hand with STS being forced to find new and creative ways to consume energy. These opposing directional functions for expression allow for much diversity of expression to be created. Depending on where you are coming from you like it or not but this is really part of your agreement with Creator servicing Its wish for exploring everything. To me STO use mostly their energy body vessel to fractionate the energy coming from the higher densities and never an implant to help them feed off the energy of others. They do use energy devices and implants, too though. I know I do as Adonis in 4D/5D since I’m Sirian and my people are expert in devising energy devices. So energy implants per se are not bad or good for that matter. The energy implants that were removed out of my body here in 3D/4D thus far, however, where rather unpleasant. This is because of their directional function in diverting STO energies to serve an STS cause. And this is really what STO would never go for. Why do we carry energy implants that divert energy and make us feel bad – and I mean in both physical and psychological terms? Because of agreements we have made a long, a very long moment in Now ago. It is important to understand that these energy implants are not us and prohibit us from being all of Who We Are.

We are in the process of returning to All of Who We Are. So these implants we have taken upon us as part of our agreement to explore a diversity of expressions as part of Creator’s Wish, are now subject to look at. When we identify one within us then we can be sure that they have been with us for a long time and most probably for longer than this present incarnation. To me however, this present incarnation is all about harmonizing and integrating all previous incarnations, so for me it is on to see all implants within me go. They are not me although them being with me for so long they actually do feel like me. This is what makes it so difficult to allow them being removed. As when they are it feels for a moment during the process that some part of us is going to die. Really what dies in that moment is us thinking we know who we are. It takes a great amount of trust and surrender to the pain that is coming up when the implant gets removed. So how to do it, how to remove implants? Well, first of all one has to become aware of them being there and this is divinely orchestrated by Spirit. One can ask for being shown the implants one carries and then ask for their removal. Know that it is stressful and strains the body. Each removal demands time to integrate and healing up. So it would be very surprising if you find Spirit helping you to identify and remove the implants one by one. In my process it took years and I am only shown implants when I have been rising sufficiently in frequency for the next one to go and live on without any problems from then on. I trust my process and Spirit completely in that. There is no chance for no one to break one’s free will so when clearly stating the intention to being shown the implants one carries and have them removed this will happen. For a clear and definite intention stated it is appropriate to repeat this statement three times. Then there will be no possibility left for the energy implants to remain as you clearly state the end of the agreement of having them been part of your vessel.

As a Lightworker you have your tools and methods to remove the implants. With me my team carries out the energy surgery showing me what they are doing. Both Arch-Angel Michael and Sananda are there to hold the space and ensure the safety of the procedures. There is no mocking about when their presences fill the space. If you wish of course you can also call upon their assistance or naturally on any higher entity you feel most trustworthy. Once an implant gets removed, one needs to call back one’s own energy as well as returning energy that does not belong to one but to the owner of the implant.

In closing I would like to state that I consciously did not chose to discuss whether STS implants are good or bad as the whole discussion of this is pointless from a higher perspective. It is all about Now and what is asked from us at any moment to surrender to. When rising in frequency there is no longer a need to separate in good or bad as one becomes aware beyond any doubt that all is the expression of Creator. Creator is the only life lived with us being aspects of it. We all are here to service Creator’s Wish to experience Itself. Energy implants that are created by STS are part of this. However, with us as individualized sparks of consciousness stepping into our own authority we are asked to look at them and remove them as they are no longer needed and ready to be returned. To me I acknowledge that these implants have helped me to explore and experience a lower set of frequencies but I am done with that. I acknowledge that I have been in keeping with my agreements and that now the time has come to explore experiences without STS implants connected to my energy body vessel.